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Business & Economy is our passion.

MoneyCoin is open source free software.
Any inhabitant of the planet can explore the architecture of the system, be convinced of its independence and degree of protection, and become one of system participants.

Now at any time, anywhere in the world your bank always with you. At any time you can log in and make a transfer for another person, to any country of the world. Nobody will be able to stop or decelerate your transaction after you start it.


Investments in MONEY -
Saving your advantage

Block Explorer

All blockchain MONEY transaction.

Wallet Software

Opensource architecture of the system


Anyone can make deposit MONEY


BUY, SELL or CHANGE your MONEY for fast

Where i can spend MONEY?

Join to the new economic.

All transactions in the MoneyCoin system are opened for each its participant, confirmation of the transfers and capital issue are performed simultaneously and collectively by all participants of network. The MoneyCoin system is based on innovative BlockChain technology with a distributed database (Peer-to-peer), and with a encryption protocols of the last generation.

Short Name: [MONEY]
Type: PoW / PoS (proof of work / proof of stake)
Last POW block: 50 000
Static POS interest: 36% per year
Algorithm: scrypt
block generation time 60 seconds
block reward: 10 MONEY
change difficulty: every block
coinbase maturity: 500 blocks
Stake min age: 4 hours
Stake max age: unlimited

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